"Na Skraju" is the newest investment of Kalter Real Estate. It is located in Ursus, a rapidly developing district of Warsaw, on Henryka Brodatego 51 street. We have designed a low, four-story, cosy building with the inner patio open to the South. Inside the building there are two staircases with lifts and only 72 apartments ranging from 35 to 100 sqm. To maximize the comfort of living, specially designed optimal window layout has been implemented. All new apartments are supplemented with spacious gardens, balconies or terraces.


The project  offers a range of ecological and energy-saving solutions that are aimed at lowering the cost of maintenance such as photovoltaic panels on the roofs, water retention tanks, common parts ventilation with recuperation, energy-saving LED lights along with electric car charging stations in the above-ground car park.

The planned completion date of the investment is Q2 2025.


The "Na Skraju" will perfectly meet the expectations of the present generation and the generations to come. It is an amazing place with a great range of benefits. We have designed all sorts of apartment types, each for a particular type of residents. Singles, families and seniors alike will find their place here. This makes the settlement attractive to various social groups.


Each new apartment will be fitted with an intercom (exchangeable for a videophone) as well as terrestrial and satellite television signal, with the option to install cable TV. The settlement is also set to have access control and surveillance cameras. The building will be equipped with spacious, silent lifts.

Pięknie zaaranżowana zieleń


We guarantee that our tenants will get the most out of the space available whilst retaining:

- functionality of the rooms,

- high comfort of usage,

- wide range of design options.


We offer a broad spectrum of different apartment variants: two bathrooms, a dressing room, or a spacious kitchen with a window among them.


Along with the advantages listed above "Na Skraju'' provides an underground garage hall, with 80 convenient parking spaces. Additionally, outside the building we have planned another 11 parking places and bike stands.

Komfortowe rozkłady mieszkań


In the investment, all new ground-floor apartments have been provided with private gardens ranging from 12 to 122 square meters. They offer an ideal space for creating one's own green area or organizing family gatherings.


The apartments higher up have been equipped with large, functional balconies that contribute to the charm whilst still offering an interesting space for arrangement and open-air relaxation.


All these options allow residents to choose a solution that best suits their preferences and needs, while providing additional allocated space.



Free energy will be provided to the common parts of the settlement thanks to photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the building. We use solar energy to power up the lighting and other devices without any additional costs.


What is more, the settlement has a rainwater collection and distribution system, allowing its usage in the toilet installation and to water the greenery. Electric car drivers will be provided with an external charging station.

Komfortowe rozkłady mieszkań


"Na Skraju", being located on Brodatego street in Ursus district, will guarantee a great connection to the rest of the city thanks to already existing rich infrastructure and well- developed public transport.


Next to the building you will find the S2 highway, a Masovian Railway station - Warszawa Gołąbki, as well as a PKP station - Warszawa Ursus - Niedźwiadek and many bus stops. With the S2 highway you can get to the city centre or to the Warsaw Chopin Airport in 20 minutes.



The greatest asset in the investment's location is its surroundings - right next to low, single-family housing estate. Not only does the settlement ensure comfortable apartments, but also offers many ways to spend your free time surrounded by nature. Here, you'll find the first ecological park in Warsaw with a playground and outdoor gym. The nearby three parks: Hassów with its meadow of wildflowers, Czechowski, and Park Achera, will be a paradise for nature lovers.


Discover the extraordinary place called Hasanka, where you'll find not only a charming playground but also an exciting skatepark.

Komfortowe rozkłady mieszkań


In close proximity the tenants will find a variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, medical facilities and malls, such as the Gawra Gallery, or Piast Shopping Centre. The neighbourhood also offers a wide range of educational institutions including, crèches, kindergartens and a primary school. Not far away there is also a Sports and Recreation Centre with access to a swimming pool, pitches and a sports hall. Another interesting place to visit for sport lovers is a well-known tennis club - Tenes Club. Any swimming enthusiasts will be delighted to visit a popular "Albatros" swimming pool.


The investment’s excellent location guarantees a quick connection to the rest of the city, rich infrastructure but also green and peaceful surroundings. This is what makes "Na Skraju" such a perfect blend of access to all urban life amenities, whilst retaining a close bond with nature.



The investment’s excellent location guarantees a quick connection to the rest of the city, rich infrastructure but also green and peaceful surroundings. This is what makes "Na Skraju" such a perfect blend of access to all urban life amenities, whilst retaining a close bond with nature.


Nearby facilities:

  • bus stop line 187, 194, N35: 600 m
  • bus stop line 716, N85: 750 m
  • bus stop line 501, 517: 950 m
  • bus stop line 177: 800 m
  • train station: 1,5 km
  • sports and recreational grounds: 900 m
  • park: 1,3 km
  • shopping centre: 850 m
  • crèche: 400 m
  • kindergarten: 800 m
  • elementary school: 650 m
  • supermarket: 950 m
  • grocery: 500 m
  • bazaar: 1,3 km
  • church: 900 m
  • children's playground: 350 m
  • clinic: 1,2 km
  • pharmacy: 950 m


Our professional and highly qualified managers, designers, sales assistants and engineers can guide you safely throughout the investment process.


Sales Office in Warsaw
00-834 Warsaw
ul. Pańska 98 lok. 106

tel: +48 22 509 72 72
mobile: +48 539 975 771

e-mail: warszawa@kalternieruchomosci.pl

working hours of the sales office:
pn.-pt. 10.00-18.00

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